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    It’s the people that make our company what it is today: we aren’t a huge, impersonal corporate group with anonymous developers slaving over code. And our start-up days are long behind us. If we’re being honest, it’s safe to say that today we are a dependable SME. Now doesn’t that sound sexy? Maybe not, but that’s what we are. We’re crazy enough to take risks and dive into the unknown, but reliable enough that our staff and customers can put their trust in us. To put it simply, we’re a great bunch of people who do a great job and get projects done properly. Where everyone plays to their individual strengths. And that’s something we encourage. Because we’re proud of our team.

    We have big ambitions and know that it’s about the journey, not the destination.

    And we’d love to travel with you.

    Head of Marketing and Communications

    Job Openings - join our Team!

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    What’s important to us

    Trust = (self-)responsibility

    • Our work offers flexibility. Whether at our customer’s premises, in the office or working from home, digitalisation isn’t a buzzword for us: it’s our everyday reality.
    • We don’t have 100 guidelines to prevent you from working independently.
    • You tell us what you need to do your work properly and we’ll make sure you get it.

    Passion = problem solving

    • We’re proud of our projects and the roadblocks that we overcome as a team.
    • Virtually all of us have a technical background. We approach our projects as problems that need to be solved, and we all bring our own expertise to the table. That’s how we overcome every hurdle.
    • We all know what we have to do and each one of us is THE expert in our chosen area. That’s important to us, as the roles and demands of the IT sector are becoming increasingly diverse.

    Recognition = teamwork

    • If you need help, you’ll get it. And there will always be a personal touch: no anonymous one-size-fits-all answers or a support hotline.
    • We are all responsible for our own tasks. And that’s how we work well as a team.
    • We also take the time and make space for inspiring discussions. That’s how we learn from each other – and every one of us grows from the experience.

    Stability and sustainability = Continuous growth

    • For the past 23 years, we have established ourselves on the IT market and have proven that we can successfully deliver IT projects. Our clients love our problem-solving approach and technical know-how. That’s why they usually keep coming back for more!
    • And this is exactly how we approach teamwork: it’s about sustainable success and appreciation. We want you to stay with us, after all.
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    Who are we really? And how many of us are there?

    • 120 developers (100 back-end, 20 front-end)
    • 30 business analysts (all coming from a technical background)
    • 10 DevOps - 20 testers
    • 30 PMs
    • 10 scrum masters
    • We currently boast a 73-strong team at our office in Vienna. 
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    What are some of our previous projects?

    You’ve probably already seen or used some of our software:

    EBV test platform

    • Our ‘Pickerl’ inspection stickers are proudly displayed on 80% of licensed cars in Austria

    SchoolFox/Fox Education communications platform

    • 666,000 active users, mostly teachers, parents and pupils, use this system, saving around 15 million sheets of A5 paper every year
    • The auto-translate function translates text messages into 24 languages, bridging barriers between parents and teachers

    Back office for Fairplane’s flight refund platform

    • 650,000+ claims processed for flight delays

    Automation platform for insurance brokers

    • Our solution for IGV, Austria’s largest private consolidation of insurance brokers, is used for 120,000 insurance transactions annually, saving a total of 1.8 million pages of printed forms.
    • A critical system component is that risk analysis is integrated with the Insurance Distribution Directive. It’s completely digital and 70% of products have already received digital signatures!

    Corporate payment platform

    • The platform connects an international bank’s main corporate clients directly to its payment processing system. It regularly handles peaks of 1 million transactions an hour.
    • The largest salary payments are over €1 billon en bloc!
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    What’s it like to work here?

    We don’t have any fixed projects, courses, budgets or benchmarks. Even our range of customers is varied – we have 70 active customers from industries as diverse as snow removal to complex trade finance systems – meaning you can take control of your career by working in different roles and tasks for different projects, rather than changing jobs.

    -> So you can take a hands-on approach to development within our team, and you’ll always have good prospects for sustainable, challenging projects. We will also support you through personalised training, e.g. to help you grow from a developer to an architect.

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    Typical jobs in our team

    Full stack problem solver

    We always find the perfect .Net or Java projects for our developers. As long as you’re a keen learner, we’ll be the right fit for you.

    Hybrid IT consultant

    Waterfall is so yesterday. Or is agile a thing of the past too? We’re looking for bright minds at the interface between business and technology with a technical background and the ability to think for themselves and voice their opinions. Presales, technical consulting, analysis or management – there’s something for everyone here.

    Hands-on architect

    Everything that gets cobbled together and developed in projects should be carefully planned. That’s why we’re looking for experienced architects who don’t just float on a cloud, but also have experience in bringing tricky projects to fruition. If you join us, you’ll be at the nexus between business, analysis, developers and ops.

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    Time to get down to business – your application.

    We know you’re not changing jobs just because you’ve had a bad day at the office. Let’s have a chat over the phone about the latest developments in our industry. When you call, we’ll put you directly through to someone who really has something to say (no admin or HR person, we promise).

    Let's get in contact!